Hello, my name is Jason Gatt, and I’m the Partner Manger at Banjo Loans for VIC/WA and TAS.

I’m excited to share our deal of the month, in which Banjo repeatedly helped this structural and architectural steel fabrication business overcome cash flow issues and manage its working capital better.

In business for 15 years, this established company have a healthy $2 million per annum revenue turnover, providing support to residential, industrial, and commercial sectors, and met Banjo’s initial eligibility criteria.

The business required operating funds as it was suffering from growing pains, cost pressures due to inflation and lagging accounts receivable that were all having a negative impact on its working capital and cash flow.

Having only borrowed from Banjo for the first time a few short months earlier, Banjo was thrilled they approached us to assist again, having been satisfied with the experience and service they received with their first loan. As Banjo were already familiar with the business and their journey ahead, we were able to increase their funding facility, and provide additional funding to assist with their general working capital and purchasing of materials.

From Banjo’s side, this client had proved to be a quality and reliable enterprise to do business with, with on time repayments on their original loan, we had no hesitation to assist this client again with another loan and help move their business forward.

An original 12-month loan of $75,000 was approved and funded, and then the subsequent additional 12-month loan of $50,000 was provided. Both loan applications were approved and funded within 2 days of the application submission.

Thanks for watching, and if you have customers, you feel could benefit from a Banjo working capital loan, please do not hesitate to call me. Likewise please keep an eye out for our soon to be released Asset Finance product.

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