Help your clients get ahead with these 5 handy ways you can come to the rescue with a quick working capital loan during the busy season.

1. Think Timely Inventory Management:

Quick working capital loans help facilitate swift updates of inventory, ensuring businesses can capitalise on the increased demand during busy seasons and avoid out-of-service events.

Chat with your client about how you can help with their intentions to purchase and fund materials or finished goods quickly to meet customer needs. Banjo can help you to make time-critical funding possible in as little as 24 hours.

2. Securing Seasonal Staffing:

Fast access to working capital allows small businesses to promptly hire and train additional staff to handle the surge in customer activity during peak seasons, ensuring efficient service and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Ask your client how they are managing their staff levels and salaries during their peak season and find out how you can help them to seek suitable lending.

3. Marketing and Promotion:

Small businesses need to remain front of mind with time-sensitive marketing campaigns, promotions, and discounts to attract more customers during busy seasons. A quick working capital loan can help to fulfil these growth initiatives. This can include expenses related to advertising, social media promotions and other marketing activities.

Find out how your client is funding their marketing activities. Promotion (often overlooked by busy SMEs) is a key part of maintaining business momentum.

4. Agile Response to Trends:

Banjo’s Working Capital Loans provide the flexibility for small businesses to respond promptly to emerging trends, consumer preferences or changes in market demands. This can cover adjustments in product offerings, services or marketing strategies.

Do you know how your client is remaining relevant with customers and responding to changing market conditions? Ask them if they need finance to keep their business moving forward.

5. Equipment and Infrastructure Upgrades, Breakdowns and Repairs:

Access to fast working capital allows small businesses to promptly invest in repairing or upgrading equipment and infrastructure. This includes costs associated with fixing breakdowns, maintaining equipment, and enhancing infrastructure to ensure smooth operations during peak seasons.

Let your clients know that you are ready to offer the best fast funding solutions when they need quick fixes and upgrades.

Seeking a competitive advantage?

Banjo Loans have a team of lending specialists to help you and your clients with time-critical finance options. Ask your local Banjo BDM about Banjo’s express access to working capital on loans from $20k - $250k, flexible payment terms, less documentation requirements and competitive commissions. A credit decision maker is also available to work through your application.

Banjo provides SMEs with an alternative source of capital to balance cash flow and enable future growth. Banjo has loaned over $330 million to more than 1500 businesses since 2015. A typical Banjo client has been established for 7-8 years, with an average revenue of between $5m - $15m.